Mouthguards and Splints

Mouthguards are an important part preventative dentistry. It’s a measure, we all must take to ensure the safety of ourselves and our children when playing contact sports. Mouthguards are commonly used to ensure mouth related sports injuries are prevented or minimised. Over the counter mouthguards Vs custom fitted mouthguard. There are many types and brands of over the counter types mouthguards. However, these mouthguards are not custom made for the individual thus not as reliable as custom fit mouthguards. The ADA (Australian Dental Association) strongly recommends wearing a custom-fit mouthguard, as the over-the-counter varieties fail to provide sufficient protection against potential dental injuries. Mouthguards that are custom-fit our highly skilled dental team, allowing better fit than the over-the-counter mouthguards.

Splints for protecting your teeth while you sleep

Night guards or occlusal splints are also used as a protect your teeth while you sleep. Splints are designed and are custom made to fit the individuals mouth to protect all the teeth against teeth grinding and clenching also known as bruxism

Why is wearing a night guard/splint important?

If a patient who needs to be wearing Night guards or occlusal splints does not wear one, the Temporomandibular joint or TMJ disorder can occur.

Material the night guard/splint is made from?

A night guard/splint is a removable acrylic oral device that is carefully moulded to fit the lower and/or upper arches of your teeth, that ultimately aims to decrease the amount of grinding pressure transferred to the teeth and arches.

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