At Mount Druitt Dental we pride ourselves in understanding the patient’s needs and concerns, to allow the patient’s to gain confidence and have that perfect smile they are after. Orthodontics is the specialty of aligning and correcting the patient’s teeth, lips and jaws. This allows for appropriate facial balance and straight teeth. Invisalign® is a series of clear, removable aligners that are used to straighten your teeth; these are used instead of conventional metal braces. Invisalign® is a very popular option for adult patients, particularly as it tends to be very discreet aesthetically. It can also be flexible with special occasions coming up, for example, weddings, birthday celebrations etc… The Invisalign® aligner can be removed for the day and replaced that night at bedtime; this done sparingly can help overcome some of the hurdles our adult patients have. .Smilefast: A smarter way to Smilefast Smilefast is the smarter way to a new smile. New technology that will have you smiling on time. Smilefast encompasses innovative orthodontic techniques whilst borrowing the best of traditional orthodontics. The two are combined with the latest 3D computer imaging to identify the ideal position of brackets on your teeth for a fast and predictable outcome.
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